How does sound therapy work?

Sound therapy is based on the effects of a very broad spectrum of sounds and vibrations capable of making our cells oscillate. The sonorous vibrations stimulate the blood supply to our tissues and organs, which can positively influence a host of diseases and physical and emotional symptoms. Sound therapy perceives humans as a whole, and has a holistic effect on body, mind and spirit. Individual tones are vibrations which are transmitted to each cell in our bodies, thus resonating with them. The principle of resonance leads our bodies back to their centres, resulting in harmony with the self. The entire human being becomes a vibrating instrument, the sound of which varies depending on the individual and the situation. Sound therapy can have a positive impact on many psychosomatic problems, relieve pain and strengthen the immune system long term.

Spheres of activity

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What is the purpose of sound meditation?

The secret of meditation is "letting go"

Sound meditation is a combination of words and/or sound, while the body is in a relaxed position. The wondrous sounds touch us to the core, and we experience harmonisation and profound relaxation. They help us to liberate ourselves from rational intellect, making us more receptive to forms of perception which are usually lost in the stresses of everyday life. The relaxation process allows us to gain new strength, stimulating the release of tension and blockages.